Larry Breen,

Registered Architect: New Mexico; Certified Church Consultant, NACDB Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture, University of New Mexico

As President of (B+B), Larry Breen is responsible for the firm’s day-to-day management and business operations. His primary role will be to lead the planning and design stages of the project. He will be responsible for ensuring that the client’s needs are met from start to finish.

Larry is an award-winning designer with over 35 years of experience in master planning, new construction, remodeling, and renovations. Larry genuinely believes that a design that is focused on the client’s vision and values is vital to the success of any project. He takes the extra time to truly listen and help the client articulate their needs.


Each building is the product of a dynamic collaboration of client, constructors, users, and the community
It is the collective sum that makes these projects successful.

Elaine Breen,
Marketing Director
Bachelor of University Studies, University of New Mexico
Elaine’s role in the design process is that of a liaison and advocate for the firm’s clientele, ensuring that their requirements and concerns are addressed. Elaine retired from Xerox Corporation after twenty years as a sales manager and quality specialist. She brings sharp attention to the quality and process while also helping to assess the clients needs. One of Elaine’s most fundamental responsibilities is also coordinating and educating clients about the building process.
Mark Baczek,
Vice President
Registered Architect: New Mexico Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of New Mexico
As vice president, Mark manages the customer service provisions of our company. Mark has a lifetime of varied experience in the design and construction industry and the skills necessary to successfully guide clients and their projects forward to completion from initial feasibility studies through the design and the construction process. The success of your building project will be achieved, according to Mark, as a result of quality design that is based on a balance of visual appeal, life cycle cost efficiency, building code compliance, and overall constructability. Customer satisfaction and design excellence are his foremost goals as an architect.
Anthony Santi,
Intern Architect
Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of New Mexico
Anthony will assist in the project by generating various design possibilities using computerized renderings, His comprehensive design sense and aptitude with computer rendering software enables him to quickly produce three-dimensional design sketches to give clients an understanding and illustration of the building elements. Anthony brings a fresh perspective to the firm, as well as expertise with new technology and software used for the new generation of architectural design. He is invaluable in creating accurate construction documents.